Celtic Musicians

“Music has always been in our blood,” stated Freddy Allan, when recently interviewed. His brother, whom he began the Celtic Musicians with, Jerry continued, “However, we don’t do your typical pieces, we go for a more unique sound and look.”

Based out of Glasgow, Scotland, there is no question that the Allan brothers have made a mark in the music/entertainment industry, even if it is in a more unique way than the typical musical big-shots make it.

The Beginning

James and Freddy Allan were working together in a pub in Scotland, with a musical group that played live on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. They both claim there was nothing exceptional about their jobs or lives at this point, but they loved to play and make unique sounds and music together.

This seems to be a classic story of “in the right place at the right time” because one night, an executive from a local British television station was in the pub listening to their live, unique sounds. According to the brothers, he just “walked up and asked if we wanted to make music for a living.”

They said it was pretty surreal for the first few days. They visited the studios a few times and performed for countless big-wigs at the television station prior to getting the word they were officially “hired” as music guys for several commercials. According to the brothers they were ecstatic and after their first commercial received a pretty “sweet check.”

“That is really the truth of how we got into developing sounds and music for commercials, phone apps and now slot machines,” stated Jerry. They claim this opportunity literally fell into their laps and they haven’t looked back.

Getting Going

The Celtic Musicians was a name they came up with on the spot during one of the commercial shoots. The producers were pressuring them for a name to put on the credits and said having an official group name would be much more effective, and memorable, for the brothers than just going with “Freddy and James Allan.”

The brothers concentrated on creating commercials and unique sounds and music for these commercials for about six months prior to venturing out into other types of sound. In addition to the commercials, the sounds of the brothers can also be heard on a number of computer games and now even some iOS and Android app games.

Currently the largest customer of the brothers is NetEnt, that is not just a provider of free slots but also of Online Cricket Games 2020 and other casino games. Furthermore,  our newest client is VoodooDreams, lees alle informatie over VoodooDreams hier.
Celtic Musicians have been charged with the task of creating all the fun, whimsical and unique sounds players hear when playing. While this may not seem like a big deal to some, the brothers claim it was their big break and has really provided them with the creative freedom they were searching for.

Still Going Strong

The brothers are definitely good at what they do. In fact, in 2016, the NetEnt game Gonzo’s Quest received an award for the best gratis gokkast spel from the bitcoin casino, Superlenny and the casino portal free spins no deposit no wager that is owned by www.onlinegokkengids.com that has been created by James and Freddy . They claimed this was a huge boost in their notoriety in this industry and since the award was given, they have been approached for quite a bit of more work.

Currently, Celtic Musicians is focused on growing their reach in the online casino world and finding even more big companies to work with, like the cooperation we did with Dunder and with the developers of casino game Sic Bo, namely asiancasinoclub.com and Asiancasinocentral.com/ไฮโล/. We would love to create more epic stories like this! However, we still find time to make a few commercials a month and even like working with apps for phones and other devices to keep it going.

According to the brothers, working with different types of technology allows them to express their creativity and unique abilities. While the sounds may seem similar to some who are untrained, they always have different resonances and chimes that make them completely unique. “We believe it is these small nuances that make our work so popular in the online gaming and app realm,” stated James. “Most modern musicians are limited to what they can create on their auto-tuner or other electronic device, instead of letting their creativity and instruments take the lead.”

There is no question that Celtic Musicians are on their way. They have definitely made a name for themselves and looks like they are doing great things for NetEnt.