Dunder’s Music Talent

After having so much experience within the music business, it still really surprised us how many people are still out there with so much talent. Take the company Dunder for example; they looked for musicians who could create the perfect sounds for their online games and website. They had been looking for ages, but didn’t realised they had their talent inside of the office all along. Maybe it was because of the lack of clear communication, but somehow nobody seemed to notice the biggest talent who was sitting in their work space every day. This is the perfect story for you to read about true musical talent.

The employer’s name is Bryan and he worked at Dunder for many years. Bryan was known for his quite presence in the office, which everybody was aware of. Not that he was much of a loner, he did worked in his own little bubble. That day when Dunder had to deliver a new music project and their professional musician called in sick, Bryan suddenly showed up and began to play on the piano. Everybody was extremely in shock about the quality of his talent. To make it even more exciting, he started to sing and that part was very mind blowing. Nobody was expected this from Bryan, especially when he usually seemed to be the quiet one. Some people never heard him talk in the first place, so this moment was very special to a lot people.

Dunder Immediately offered him a position as the lead musician of the team, which was really nice for Bryan. Celtic Musicians was present at the whole event and we were really grateful to be a part of this. In the meantime, Bryan got more experienced within the music industry and was finally capable of building up some more confidence. Who would ever thought that Bryan could get this far, starting as a regular accountant to a sparkling musician. It took him almost 10 years at Dunder before he showed the management his true skills. They were impressed and are now recruiting ever more musicians to expand their team. This is all because of that day the other guy called in sick, what a strange day this has become.

The point of this article is to keep on looking for new talents, even though they are hiding behind their unsecurity. Keep your eyes open everyday and you will find the most beautiful singers, amazing guitar players and even the perfect pianists. Celtic Musicians learned a lot from this experience, because it was such an eye opener for us as well. We have been looking for talents at schools and theatres, but this was a reminder that not every talent is looking for a stage to perform. Some of them are way to shy and need help in their growth. Now, together with Bryan we often produce music on project base to help him even more and teach him the greatest stuff about music and instruments. Bryan is still under contract with Dunder and is really enjoying his new position in the musician team. However, Bryan also has a side hobby now is helping out with administrative tasks on OnlineGamblingGuru.com too. So indeed, keep your eyes open and never let any opportunity slide.