Our Services

Are you wondering what Celtic Musicians have to offer to your project? If so, you are definitely not alone.

Our team of two works closely with the game developers to create unforgettable music and sounds to their games. You can help to give your game that extra bit of help simply by working with us. If you are missing “something” but can’t put your finger on what that something is, call us. Chances are your game is great, and you just need the right sounds and music to make it really pop.

So, what exactly do we offer? If you are wondering, all you have to do is keep reading to learn about our services:


Original Scores

Our musicians have created music for countless online games, including the NetEnt game Gonzo’s Question which recently won the best music and sound award from Drake Casino. Each score is unique and based on the game or app it is created for.


Remix Albums

Are you creating a remix album, we can help to add a bit of extra pizzazz to the sounds you already have. Our musicians have worked with several others on these types of projects, and they span a huge range of exciting and fun genres.


Sound Effects and Design

Creating background music and custom sounds that react to the triumphs or fails of your enemies, heroes, and the environment is considered a fine art itself. We have the ability to delight players with sounds that are properly designed to suit the atmosphere and actions taking place in your game.


Jingles and Theme Songs

Are you ready to add some type of catchy introduction to your video series, podcast or even app? Do you have a game trailer that doesn’t have the right music attached? If so, we can help with this, as well. We have created a number of theme songs and jingles for countless products that are featured on British television.


Content Streaming

If you create content and use copyrighted music, then you run the real risk of having it taken down by sites such as Twitch and YouTube. This is another area where we can help. All the music we create for you will be royalty free, and we own the rights. This means you can post your content as you like, with no fear of negative consequences.


Custom Music Creation

The Celtic Musicians are not a “one-trick-pony,” and can make single tracks based on the requests of customers. We can also work with any budget you may have for your project, from a simple fan project to an entire worldwide affair. All you have to do is contact us and give us the details to your project, and we will figure out the right approach to create the music that you want and need.


Sound Engineering

We are a self-sufficient musical team and mix and master all of the music we create or product in-house. This means that your music will always be original and sound the absolute best it can when you receive it.


Call Us to Discuss Your Project

If you are ready to get started with the custom music or sounds for your game, app or other musical need, then call us today. We can take your notes and wants and needs for the project and turn them into the perfect music and sounds. There is no question that our team will exceed your expectations, they are an award-winning music creation company. Working with the Celtic Musicians is simple and hassle-free, which makes it even more appealing. Regardless of if you are a single game developer hoping to get your first game creation off the ground or a multi-million dollar company searching for unique sounds for their 1,000th game – we can help.

When it comes to the creation of music and sound, we deliver. We can provide you with the sounds that you want and need to help your project excel. Our custom musicians are dedicated to your complete satisfaction and will work with you to provide this tirelessly. Call us and get your project going. We are confident you will be happy you did so. We offer superior pieces that awards due to their uniqueness and superiority.