Who Are We?

Celtic Musicians is a music group/label based in Glasgow, Scotland. The group is composed of James and Freddy Allan, who are dedicated to exploring the interplay present between nostalgia, music, videogames, and online casinos where they now step up the game with karamba. While focused on producing sounds and music for video games and apps, the group also creates solo pieces and compilations. It is run by the team of brothers, which helps to keep things simple and easy to understand.

The label is quite well-known for working to bridge the gap between Western and Eastern creators, creating unique sounds that are appreciated throughout the world. The marriage of these unique sounds and unique customers is something this music services is proud of and the foundation of the entire vision for the business.

The Celtic Musicians got their start just a few short years ago in 2013, they are definitely making a name for themselves in the realm of music and sounds. The brothers, James and Freddy Allan were essentially discovered in a pub in Scotland that was a family owned and operated business. Playing live music was their passion and now they are able to do this for a living thanks to the creation and popularity of Celtic Musicians.

There is no question that the brothers have had a bit of a rocky journey, going from creating jingles for British television commercials to now focusing on making sounds and music for video and online games and apps. This transition is one that allows them to provide services for a wide array of people and businesses and meet their unique sound and music wants and needs.


James Allan

At 42, James truly believed his life was to work with a trusted betting operator like Bet365 (read Bet365 Casino Review By Clicking Here), just like his dad who had an obsession with blackjack. He didn’t mind this life, but loved music. After finishing high school, James pursued a musical degree from a local university, but after a few months decided to get to work and help support his family. Today, thanks to a unique opportunity, he is able to create unique sound creations for people and companies all over the world, alongside his partner and best-friend – his brother. Considered the creative force of the duo, James main roles are to create the music and sounds from their inception and coordinate work to deliver the music when needed and on time.


Freddy Allan

Freddy, the second half of the Celtic Musicians, manages all parts of the business development, accounting and works with his brother on the music and sounds they create. With a background in the gaming industry from his college years, Freddy is definitely well-versed with the ways of the gaming industry and is completely focused on growing and developing the Celtic Musicians past where they are today.

The Celtic Musicians are definitely a modern band in all senses of the word; however, they don’t rely on too many electronic effects and gear to make the sounds they use. Instead, they use their creativity and unique sounds they have learned throughout the years to create the sounds that both game makers and players love. This is shown by the awards they have won, as well as the popularity of the band.

Celtic Musicians is a unique tale. Not too many people get opportunities such as this – to do what they love and actually make a living at it. The brothers have stated they still love to go back to their family owned pub at least once a month and perform. Music is something they love and that is in their blood. They have plans to continue growing their business and services to reach even more people and online game creators in the near future.